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Welcome to Thoughtz 4 Totz - if you're searching for baby songs, kids songs or children's music search no further. This is the home of A Nonny Mouse, Lennie the Lion, Simon the Snail and Badly Drawing Grandpa in a collection of really silly songs, videos and sheet music for young children. We have great action songs like "Walking Through the Jungle" and "Gee Up Gee Up", guidance songs like "Please and Thank You", "Healthy Food Is Very Good" and "Put That Little Bit of Litter In The Bin" and dozens of really silly songs

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At the moment there are 40 plus original silly songs on the Song Page including My Little Dog Is Barking Mad, Please Be Kind To Little Tadpoles, If I Had A Drum (I'd Play It Every Day), Lennie the Lion, When You're Sharing and the latest song It's Cold To Be A Bear (When You Have Got A Cold Bear Bottom)

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       SONG TO LEARN THIS WEEK - It's Cold When You're A Bear (And You Have Got A Cold Bear Bottom)

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Some of the Videos created by Badly Drawing Grandpa




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